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Great leaders and pastors partner to accomplish all that God has call them to do. Start  2020 with a new approach to your ministry using your website

A Website Your Members Will Actually Use

Visitors will find what they need / move your guest from online to onsite / Connect People To The Heart of Your Church

Hands-off Process for Pastors 

Ministry Minded &  Design


Join the many who have found growth and engage with this digital strategy

“Bart has produced a fantastic site and has helped us grow our local church awareness significantly!”

Chris Chase

Dean of First Years, Master’s College & Seminary

“So thankful for you and your team, you’ve launched us into the future.”

Kelly Reid

Tapestry Church / Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary and College

Exclusive Bonuses

Tools  to engage your congregation with results

SEO Guide

Write here about the most important idea you cover in the book and use curiosity to spark your visitors’ interest.

30 Day Social Media Pack

A good way to create curiosity is to tell what they’ll get, but not how. 

Multi-Site Communications Calendar

Ready to discover how to engage your remote team and make them 140% more productive? In chapter 3 we’ll cover the “Rainbow & Gold” method that will allow you to de exactly that.

About the Author

Jane Doe

Write this section in third-person, meaning you should not use the words ‘I’ or ‘We’ or ‘Me’. Instead, talk about the author objectively using ‘he’ or ‘she’ even if you are the author! It’s time to show off your achievements and prove why you are the right person to be writing this topic.

Instance 1


Simple, fast and effective flexible move





Creative working space, not noisy, fully equipped and convenient





Simple, fast and effective flexible move




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