Your Congregation Wants To Respond To 1 Thing

You are excited about your entire fall ministry lineup – outreach projects, Bible studies, sermon series, adult programs – and you want your congregation to get on board right away. Getting out of ‘summer mode’ is hard for your staff and your congregation – you want to position your church as a support to what your members are already doing versus overburden them with church “to-dos.”

Align Your Efforts

The “what” is the hard part. Luckily many churches have plenty of “whats” to choose from. Once you select the best option for your church, combine your efforts so that the win is spread across all your ministry opportunities. Let’s say your church priority is the new semester of small groups. Have your promotion aligned across the main service, Student Ministry and Singles Ministry. You can magnify the message of your priority if everyone is involved.

Track Your Success

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the fall produces more forward momentum for your church in one month than many churches will experience all year. Use this time in the yearly calendar wisely! Continue to simplify every call to your congregation to take action and keep track of everything you do and how people respond. Tracking success facilitates two things:

  1. Knowing what did and did not work and
  2. Serving as a prescription for when you do the same thing next year.

Learn how your church responds to your communication and promote your future opportunities accordingly.

Fall Launch Guide

With Fall starting in just a few weeks let me help you get started and organize your promotion efforts. Check out this FREE Fall Launch Planning Guide.