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Do You Provide Hosting?

You can submit unlimited amounts of projects, although only 3 will be live at a time. We’re committed to seeing your vision become reality and will make unlimited revision until it’s right.

How Long Do Project Take?
  • Web design or development
  • Video production
Can I Edit My Own Site?

Projects are submitted via an individualized online form. The form is unique to you, and you can upload links, files and anything else we need to get your project going.

Do You Offer / Manage Email?

Turnaround time vary between 24 and 72 hours for initial drafts depending on the projects. Have an ‘urgent deadline’? Let us know in the form and we’ll contact you regarding its ‘do-ability’.

Do You Do Multisite Websites?

We use Trello to keep track of all your projects. You’ll receive a unique client link to view our current progress and what we’ll be working on next from your work que.

How Many Blogs Can I Have?

Once your files are finalized you’ll be sent a download link via emailYes. They’ll be included the final link with multiple versions for you use immediately.

Do I Need To Worry About Mobile?

Yes. They’ll be included the final email link.